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Possibly a C-

Avatar: 76887 Fri Oct 24 03:39:44 -0400 2008

[Leafy Green Vegeta-

Level 35 Hacker

Herbaceous, biennial, dicotyledonous , and flowering.

Something that crops up everytime a really good thread happens in an RP forum is that people request that it be moved to “Full of Won”, not fully understanding what that means. Full of Won is a place where good threads go after they are dead, to celebrate their lives.

So how about instead of stickying good threads that crop up in RP forums, instead we create another forum that’s just for good threads where people can actually post. A thread can only get there because a moderator anointed it as quality, but people can actually continue to post in them (they just can’t create new topics in the forum). In this “hall of good threads” (or whatever), there can be strict rules like “don’t spam”, “don’t post draginz”, “don’t post unrelated images” that keep people from ruining a good thread, and these rules apply equally to every thread in that forum. So that way the only stickies in the RP forums can be “here are the rules” stickies, and the good threads get to go somewhere where they will be treated with appropriate respect.

Seems to me like a better solution than “having a different set of rules for some of the threads in a forum, based on how much a moderator likes them” like we have currently.

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