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Avatar: Jimmy the Re-Re


Level 9 Re-Re

Vote for me as Top Male Model because I'm the cute underdog

KoZaK Posted:

DOLDOE, you fabulous person, you think you’re an underdog? I’m the ****ing underdog, I don’t even speak proper English, and I’m in the game for frigging 29 days!

It’s like ANYONE know me. Sounds fun.

I feel totally outnumbered. I was surprised to get into second tour.

Also, I voted. And… Are there more guys-voters than girls, liek, ten times? Don’t watch the last pic, then, guys, srsly. IT BURNSLog in to see images!

KoZaK, you are also a fabulous person, we’re in pretty much the same popularity boat. Actually, I’d say you have a major advantage since we’re on an English site and you primarily speak another language. Chicks over here dig accents so much that me even mentioning that you most likely have an accent has most likely already gotten a few on the edge of their seats.

Plus I’ve been voting for you, and I’m sure many others have too. You’re a good looking guy, dude.

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