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Avatar: Baby Typing

Level 25 Permanoob


Disclaimer: My opinions don’t matter.

Anonymoushaxor: Points for the public embarrbumment factor, guy on the right is really into it but the guy on the left looks like he doing this at gunpoint. Really awkward glances towards the other guy probably make it funnier but the contrast between the dancers is a bit distracting for me.

Bloodydemise: Where the hell’s the music? *turns speaker up* Is your CD player broken? All I hear is static. *turns speaker up some more* I can hear it now but there’s godawful screeching now. Is my speaker broken? Any way, those are some awesome hip swings that make me wonder where I shove the dollar bills.

Context: Now THAT’S cute, the plush toys were a neat little bonus but I was already getting that ‘I’m a pedophile for watching this’ vibe the moment you walked down the stairs. What was so good about this one was all the fun you looked like you were have during the entire song. Also the sign, the sign made me LOL. Log in to see images!

Generichaxor: Gah, shaky cam! Regardless, through the entire video I couldn’t understand what I was watching. Not much singing, the dancing was done entirely by the other girls and it wasn’t even all that funny. The crowd seemed to be loving it but I wasn’t.

Peregrine: Another one who can use dem hips, ‘kind of quiet’ music gives off the impression of a guy who shouldn’t be belly dancing alone in his room making this really funny. Also, just when I think I’m watching a hula-hoop contest, the head shake appears and I giggle again. This was a fun video with some nice moves to it, a great entry.

SplodgeMonkey edited this message on 04/14/2009 3:41AM
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