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Avatar: 145601 Mon Apr 06 16:36:14 -0400 2009

Level 69 Troll

“Human Yeast Infection”

This is too long for me to fake, i wanted to see if I could win “longest chat” (so sorry, no forumwarz, instakill on this site). plus it is pretty funny.

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: hi

Stranger: hey

Stranger: asl?

You: 25/f/miami

Stranger: what you doing on a site like this?

You: bored

Stranger: many guys will try to seduce

You: saw it on facebook

You: idc

Stranger: can we cyber?

You: sure why not

Stranger: you start

You: ok

You: im in my panties

You: with a tshirt

Stranger: wut you doing?

You: watching tv

Stranger: i mean in your panties

You: oh

You: right

You: well, im sliding my hand

Stranger: are you wet?

You: slowly

You: im starting to get mosit

You: moist*

Stranger: what if you imagine my hand there

Stranger: are you wet

You: thinking about how big u r getting right now

Stranger: im like 7inches

You: oh wow

You: just right

You: im taking my shirt off

You: rubbing my nipples

Stranger: oh yeah

Stranger: im so hard

You: ya

Stranger: rub my male reproductive organ

You: ok

Stranger: can you slurp on it

You: ill use 1 hand

You: ill play wit it first

Stranger: bbabbby

Stranger: yes

You: no mouth yet

You: im teasing u

You: now im turning around

Stranger: please use it on the tip

You: grinding on u

You: i walk about 2 feet away

You: my perky bum

Stranger: ahhhhh ahhh yes

Stranger: damn

You: facing u

You: i slide my panties down

You: shaking my hips aswell

Stranger: oohh gaaagghhh

You: i turn around….

You: and my 3” male reproductive organ flapping

You: walking toward u

You: start to grind my male reproductive organ on your face

You: i tell u im pre-op

Stranger: i suck it

You: oh ya

Stranger: i spit all over it

You: now it grows to 5”

Stranger: and slurp it

You: u deep throat it

Stranger: lickity lickity

Stranger: suckity suckity

Stranger: deeeeeeeeeppp in my throat and i start to choke

You: oh YA

You: all that spit

You: i lick some off it off ur face

Stranger: great times on my face!!

You: a little of it is pre-great times

You: not yet

You: im not that easy

Stranger: keep goin

You: i take off ur pants

You: u lay flat on ur stomach

Stranger: mmm yes

You: i start fingering u

You: start off with only 1

You: then work my way up to 2

Stranger: yeah it feels good

You: ur bumcheeks squeeze

Stranger: they did

You: ur bum hair intangled between my fingers

You: i yank some of it out

Stranger: put it in ur mouth

You: make u eat it

You: u r now my **** tonight

Stranger: ok i did

Stranger: IM UR ****


You: ur new name is now shirley

You: only answer to shirley

Stranger: wat shuld i call u

You: queen male reproductive organ

Stranger: ok queen male reproductive organ

Stranger: im yours

You: or the health inspector

Stranger: tell me what you want

You: i start to mount u

You: no lube

You: i only like it dry

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

I guess no lube was final straw…...

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