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Avatar: 62524 Fri Dec 26 00:25:59 -0500 2008

Level 35 Emo Kid

“Cutty Cutterson”

Connecting to server…

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Greetings!

Stranger: hello stranger

You: Stranger?

You: My name is you.

You: Your name is stranger.

Stranger: no! im you

Stranger: ]and you are the stranger

You: You: Your name is stranger.

Stranger: no! im you



Stranger: DONT LIE TO ME

You: NO U

Stranger: Stranger says: YOUR NAME IS STRANGER

Stranger: HAHA

Stranger: I GET U

You: Stranger: Stranger says: YOUR NAME IS STRANGER

You: AHA


Stranger: asl?

You: 19/f/ny

Stranger: 18 m brazil

You: cool

Stranger: do you like brasilian guys?

You: always liked latinos

Stranger: :

Stranger: ops

You: or whatever you want to call them

You: so

You: wanna cyber?

Stranger: cyber what?

You: you know

You: have sex over the net

You: Log in to see images!

You: im really horny

Stranger: i think you are a fat guy

Stranger: ;~

You: nah

You: Good guess, though.

Stranger: msn?

You: don’t have one

You: sorry

Stranger: how can u live without msn?

Stranger: :S

Stranger: do u use icq?

You: I don’t have any IM name, actually

You: never saw a use for one

You: Even if I did, wouldn’t give it out

You: pervs everywhere

You: -.-

Stranger: you are the perv..

You: oh, please

You: I only like /d/ kind of ****

You: so

Stranger: u said that u wanna have sex with me

You: you ever heard of forumwarz

You: So?

Stranger: over the net

You: yeah

You: and

Stranger: so, you are the perv

You: pervert doesn’t mean horny

You: horny means horny

Stranger: and i’ll have sex with you..with the msn

You: not going through the trouble of making an msn just to cyber

You: Hey, I could just disconnect and keep looking for someone

You: but no

You: I decided to stay here

You: with you

You: Log in to see images!

Stranger: ‘cause im horny too

Stranger: :}}

You: so you won’t cyber here

You: but you’ll do it on msn

You: I’m not that horny

You: =\

Stranger: u kidding me Log in to see images!

You: yeah

You: srry

You: so

You: ever heard of forumwarz?

You: because this entire chat is getting posted there

Stranger: no..what is that?

You: :3

You: you see

You: I’m only in this for money

You: so I have to make you somehow sign up and stay there

Stranger: send me the link


Stranger: i’ll post my comment

You: well

You: you gotta sign up and ****

Stranger: right

Stranger: i’ll do it

You: alright cool

You: I’m kilroy there

You: Log in to see images!

You: ****

You: g2g

You: bye

You: remember

You: forumwarz

You: and also

Stranger: u always lie to the stranger that u are a girl?

You: on occasion

You: Log in to see images!

Stranger: hahahaha

Stranger: u’re a **** *___*

You: but before I go


You have disconnected.

Another pathetic one DX

Internet Delay Chat
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