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Rick Ashley

Avatar: Rocker Chick

[Harem and Sushi Bar]

Level 30 Camwhore


Yaeh, I cut it off to soon.

Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: doododo

Stranger: hello

You: sunshine

Stranger: kaboos?

You: lolipos

You: and rainbows

Stranger: everyuthgop

You: and everything else that makes hte world happy

Stranger: la la la

You: dododod

You: lalalalalalalal

Stranger: im going down to

You: sorry

Stranger: la la

Stranger: land

You: i get so happy when i get a male reproductive organ in my bum

You: its easy when your a chick

You: but when you are a dude

Stranger: same

You: its hard

You: oh cool

Stranger: sucks to be you

You: yeah

Stranger: ive got both

You: i weigh 900 pounds

You: so i crush male reproductive organs

You: that turns people offf

Stranger: u sound like a ****

You: i got to

You: on the game

Stranger: onelove forum?

Stranger: kaboos?

Stranger: Spura?



You: OVAR 9000

Stranger: are you an elf?

You: yes

Stranger: nice

You: i have a tail

Stranger: can u tell santa to return my calls

You: i use ot to **** myself

You: santa is to busy ****ing elvesall year long

Stranger: **** me you 900lbs ****

You: oh yes

You: i rub my huge man mammary glands

Stranger: skull **** me

You: ok

You: my micro male reproductive organ is hard

You: i try to enter it in your eye

You: its to small

You: sorry

Stranger: we tried

You: yeah

Stranger: it was fun while it lasted

You: not much else we could do.

Stranger: rach mason?

You: do you **** shepe

You: i like ****in sheep with my fist

Stranger: nah, not my style

You: wow

You: yo have no style then

Stranger: u would think that

You: be there.

You have disconnected.

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