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Avatar: 49759 Sun Oct 26 03:31:30 -0400 2008

Level 13 Permanoob

HI I is bum Ketchup an.. O SHI- I think my fatrolls killed teh pokeymans under me...

Connecting to server…

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You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: Hey do you want some child porn

You: i have to hide it somewhere

You: the feds are on to me

You: please help

You: givem e your email

You: so i can send you the child porn

You: then when the sun sets on the raven

You: send them back

You: ok?

Stranger: SWEEET

Stranger: thank you jesus

Stranger: pedobear

You: and by child porn

You: I mean 0-2 years old

Stranger: but you have to help me out too

You: ok

You: with what

Stranger: i am a nigerian prince

Stranger: and i have 25 million I stand to inherit but i need your help

You: ok

You: my bank account number is

You: 901389012382

Stranger: ok i need you to put money in my account first

You: ok

Stranger: you know my woman's genitals is so wet right now

You: mine to

Stranger: **** yeah doggie

Stranger: **** YEAH

Stranger: HELL YEAH **** YEAH

You: **** dogs

You: cats are best

Stranger: gross fabulous person

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

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