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Acid Flux

Avatar: 6767 Tue Mar 17 11:41:54 -0400 2009

[Country Kitchen an-
d Flea Market

Level 35 Troll


Liza Birdinopolis Posted:

Very much agreed. Acid, you probably would have gotten the peen for the Dom card thing if you hadn’t tested it for 2 weeks straight. Log in to see images!

I know this is supposed to be a light-hearted comment, but let me clear the air about this.

I discovered the glitch, reported it, and got no response from ET. Then I spoke to my Klan Admin about the issue. When we realized that Arktor (another person in our Klan) had also discovered the glitch, we contacted ET again. No response. (Being on this side of the curtain, I can see why. A lot more happens behind the scenes that I would have ever thought).

That’s when KoLOL decided to stage the demonstration.

I didn’t ‘abuse the glitch for 2 weeks’ as some people had suggested around here, mainly because A) I don’t like cheaters & B) I didn’t want to get banned for something so stupid.

Seriously, if Arktor or I had wanted to abuse this, we could have milked it for months, making sure we won our brackets by only just a little bit. We staged the demonstration because repeated attempts to get ET to reply to us in regards to the glitch were fruitless. And once we did, it was fixed almost immediately. So, if you’re one of the people that are still upset about the ‘ruined week of Dom’, then I’m sorry. I think that we traded one very bad week of Dom to avoid months of potentially tainted Dom results. If it had been publicly discovered further down the road, then dozens of players that are legitimately very, very good at Domination would have been accused left & right of cheating, even if they had no idea that the glitch even existed.

And by the way, because there was such ‘controversy’, I specifically asked ET to remove the 4 medals that I’d won that week. I volunteered that on my own initiative. It was never about the Medals. It was about fixing a major & abusable problem. Just like recently, when zagerblag and I tested the multi-log in glitch that allowed for a LOT of shenanigans. Once again, people were so sure I was abusing the system, when I was actually doing white-hat testing approved by ET. Not for personal gain, but to make the site better.

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