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Avatar: 79421 Tue May 26 22:06:20 -0400 2009

[Temple of the Anth-
ropomorphic Majesty

Level 35 Troll

It's actually an honor to be pranked, it means someone spent real money on you. Sir.

Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: OHAIDER

You: hi

Stranger: hi

Stranger: srs?

You: what?

Stranger: a/s/l?

You: 17/m/cali

Stranger: oh

Stranger: nor cal or so cal?>

You: bay area

Stranger: Ohh

Stranger: Cool cool.

Stranger: So why are you on this?

Stranger: o.O

You: saw it on someone’s website

Stranger: Oh

Stranger: lol.

You: you?

Stranger: Same.

You: what site?


You: oh

Stranger: decided to come here to troll.

Stranger: You?


You: same motive.

Stranger: o

Stranger: lulz.

You: ya

You: so….

You: ya like /b/

You: ?

Stranger: ya?

Stranger: so

Stranger: i herd

Stranger: dat

Stranger: u want me

Stranger: to water ur tomato patch

Stranger: and

Stranger: like

Stranger: i put on my wizard hat

Stranger: and robe

Stranger: and cast level 3

Stranger: eroctism

Stranger: lololool

Stranger: Log in to see images!

You: no

You: i

You: only dig

You: furries

You: i’m a furfabulous person

You: lolololol

You: j/k

You: but,

You: i

You: do liek

You: mudkipz

Stranger: ORLY?

Stranger: DUED


Stranger: DUDE

Stranger: i like

Stranger: pikachews

Stranger: :3

You: lol

You: you liek ED?

Stranger: no

You: o noes, srsly?

Stranger: wuts ED?


You: it’s a website

Stranger: idk dat

You: iz like a wiki

You: but hates wikipedia

You: and it’s p funny

Stranger: SO

Stranger: LEIK

Stranger: ITS

Stranger: WANNABE 4CHAN?

You: no

You: not liek 4chan

You: not as good

Stranger: WAT?

Stranger: BUT

Stranger: CP

Stranger: IS KOO

You: ?

You: CP?

You: sorry

You: i iz not good with computer

Stranger: nevarmind

You: ok

You: o

You: BTW

You: you lost the game

You: lulz

You have disconnected.

Log in to see images!

Fortunato Posted:

I Log in to see images!

Lament Posted:

I value your contributions to the FWZ society, and respect your opinions, no matter how much they may vary from my own.

You ****ing fine upstanding member of society.

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