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Avatar: 88382 Mon Dec 22 16:43:13 -0500 2008

[Island of Avalon]

Level 36 Emo Kid

DEADfine upstanding member of societyBABI ES

Connecting to server…

Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.

You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

You: enter code:

Stranger: gojwoijowgrirjgrww

Stranger: right?


You: enter code:

Stranger: dammnit

Stranger: um



Stranger: it has two ls thats why we couldnt get it

Stranger: yaya

Stranger: what i get now

You: hello

You: this is an automated message from the People’s Will bumociation

You: This is to inform you that the package is to be delivered to the gas station exactle 15 minutes after this conversation ends

Stranger: coools

Stranger: which gas station?

You: The NED has been searching for this package for quite some time

You: SO DON’T **** THIS UP

You: this automated message will not be repeated

You: it will self-destruct in…

You: 5

You: 4

You: 3

Stranger: telle

You: 2

Stranger: nooo

You: 1

Stranger: nooga

Stranger: whic

You have disconnected.

Internet Delay Chat
Have fun playing!
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