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Avatar: 22473 Sat Nov 29 21:01:08 -0500 2008

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 35 Troll

7 Vibrating Doldoes was never a meme

Possibly a Cabbage Posted:

I do think that some sort of queue should be put into place to bias against item types that have been recently created (For example: if the RNG selects itembuildr to create an type of item that was in one of the last 4 itembuildr rounds, it flips a coin and on heads it will reroll the item type, there are no further rerolls.)

I think this would be a good idea, not out of “whining that I haven’t gotten enough things for my clbum” but for the simple reason that “people are going to run out of funny ideas for piercings if you make three different ones in a week”, a fact that is fairly evident when you look at this round of submissions.

This by far. Or anything to try and keep things even so that every slot gets a fair number of items.

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