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Avatar: Denim Skirt

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 7 Camwhore

The Internet frightens me

As I see it, 2 big things seem to matter:

1. The forums end up with great content

2. Everyone gets to flex their creative muscle

The current system definitely achieves both of these. I don’t dispute that some pretty good ideas die early (I know some of my brilliant ideas get canned within minutes of submission). What I would challenge, however, is that the canning of pretty good ideas undermines the 2 big things mentioned above.

Suppose that there are only 15 thread titles that go into the forum. So we’d be talking about whether the buried submission would be much better than the 15th best thread title. If we’re talking about something that was down-voted a lot early on, we’re probably talking about an idea that, while pretty good, isn’t remarkable.

Now, supposing that the buried submission was actually better than the 15th one to make it, the real question becomes: how much better is it and is it worth building a system to re-introduce it? My suspicion is that even if it is better, it would only be negligibly better and not worth re-introducing.

Its also worth mentioning that most of the stuff that gets buried would just be buried again.

Summary: The current system meets the above criteria. The only other claim to be made is that it is unfair in terms of scoops. There might be legitimacy to that claim, but thats a whole different discussion.

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