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Avatar: 23167 2010-01-24 16:31:18 -0500

[Phantasmagoric Spl-

Level 35 Emo Kid

I haven't seen a bad idea that I didn't like.

Shii Posted:

Recently it came to my attention that the graceful, charismatic, and talented swine was offering a ridiculous crapload of BP to deserving recipients.

I promptly virtually sucked his male reproductive organ for a while and lo and behold, he in his majestic grace has bestowed BP upon me.

Part of my begging included the promise to use some of the BP on a “swine Love Contest,” so here it is.


Accepted Entries:

– Compose some sort of Photoshop/Paint drawing extoling how great swine is.

– Write a touching love sonnet/poem; the more articulate and eloquent, the better.

– Make sure you touch on his generosity.


Winner will be chosen in 1 week.



EDIT: Main post updated to allow video entries.

EDIT: Posting my ‘ODE TO SWINE’ on here as well.

The second part of my promise to swine if he gave me BPs:

I give you, fellow ForumWarriorz, the “Ode to swine.”

Oh muse, how to capture the great Lord swine?

To extol the virtue, generous grace

Lo, on high, majestic man most porcine

Who knew so much sexy could be held in one face?

Whereupon he walks, angels doth follow

Hopeful lovers, loins and heart full of ache

Sex incarnate renders lesser men hollow

Only this well-endow’d creation, can their lust slake

His prodigious talents, none can deny

Inspiring envy-filled hearts amongst the peasants

His perfection, the apple of God’s eye

Oh, only to bask in his radiant presence

Perchance he may bestow greatness upon you

Pray that someday you can match his glory

Everything I have written thus far is true

The tale of swine is a hell of a story.

Shii edited this message on 03/21/2009 1:06AM
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