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Avatar: 40896 2011-11-01 00:47:59 -0400

[fine upstanding member of society]

Level 35 Troll

Wher Have My Poor Imaginary Wife and Child Gone

The Reveal – 5bp

In this contest I would like you to reveal alts. All you have to do is post the identity of someone’s multi.

I will be judging this on a point system. And the one who has the most points, i.e. reveals the most alts and gets the most points, will be awarded the five brownie points. The points will be determined as follows:

Illegal Alts = 0 points (I can not verify these, but go ahead and list them)

Your own alts = .5 points (Don’t be a woman's genitals)

A different players alts = 1 point

*Additionally at my discretion I will award an extra 1 point for secret alts, for instance ones like Evil Trout’s rumored camwhore.

I will verify these to the best of my abilities and then the points will be bumigned.

No duplicates. Only the first person to list an alt will count.

You must indicate the main the alt belongs to. I will not consider any random or sorted list of names.

No edited posts.

Moderators and Admins allowed.

Trolling allowed.

If this contest garners enough interest I will award a second place prize of two brownie points.

Contest will be closed, points totaled up, and all that jazz sometime this coming Sunday.

EDIT: I am allowing edited posts. Its actually easier for me this way.

EDIT2: I remembered why I didn’t want edited posts. Crinkz is only allowed that one post and final edit.

twas edited this message on 03/13/2009 8:50AM
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