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Avatar: 116908 Tue Mar 24 03:28:50 -0400 2009

[Rowdyruff Boys]

Level 69 Emo Kid

“The Infinite Sadness”

John Locke II Posted:

How’s this?

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Not especially my thing, honestly. Sorry.

What_tha_Fox Posted:

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I can’t see this one.

MercWithMouth Posted:

Hello friend.

I saw the contest you were holding and became interested in entering.

Let me show you the pictures that I’d care to submit.

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I call it, “Emo Lagomorph With Sickle.” Log in to see images!

The first picture is the “full-size” variant, and the second picture is the “reduced-sized-avatar” variant.

The pictures are, as you might imagine, modifications from previous work I did a while ago — months, in fact.

Surprisingly though, even these modifications were time-consuming. I would estimate likely 2hours.

In addition, the picture/avatar will not simply be what you are seeing here.

They will be enhanced considerably further.

Further modifications to consider:

*removing the “turquoise-esque” background so as to create an animated background

*animate the picture so as to make the sickle appear to be on fire

*animate the picture so as to make the character’s clothes appear to be swaying in the winds

*animate the picture so as to make the character appear to be shedding tears

*various personalization options that involve putting your name in the final product including animation type options

*almost anything else that you might request

NOTE: The IDC lads pointed out that the aspect ratio was altered upon resizing. I could fix it to preserve the aspect ratio but still be 93 by 93, but let me know first please.

Though it did involve more time than I had anticipated, I did enjoy creating this for you.

If you were to consider awarding me awarding Brownie Points, I’d be terrifically grateful. ^_^

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Wow… I don’t know what to say. You obviously put a ton of effort into this, but it’s not really that appealing to me as an avatar. If this were a t-shirt, I’d honestly buy it, though. Keep this for yourself and submit it to Threadless or some other shirt-making site.

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