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Avatar: 129763 Mon Jun 15 22:35:47 -0400 2009

[Temple of the Anth-
ropomorphic Majesty

Level 43 Troll

“Banned Camper”

SG94 Posted:

Hi, I’m SG94 and I’m a woman's genitals little **** who spams reports at the moderators for any little thing and make ForumWarz worse.


SG94 Posted:

Upon reaching level 4, a new sTalk conversation is initiated by… Evil Trout! He will congratulate the player on reaching level 4 and thank him for playing ForumWarz, and announce that he now has access to the boards, if he can prove he knows the flamebate rules. Then the conversation ends and the player studies the rules and after that starts a new conversation where ET will give the player a test.

Hmm… “studies the rules” sounds rather ridiculous, I mean, I didn’t use the forums until I was level 15, this may just put off good posters from the boards. Also, ET is too cliché. Bidsquid should do this imo. And the test idea is OKAY…

SG94 Posted:

If the test is completed successfully, the player can post on flamebate. If not, the player will have to wait 3 days to take the test again, and if the test is done particularly awful, permabanned.

HOLD ON, HOLD ON, HOLD ON. BACK THE FUN BUS THE HELL UP. You’re trying to say that if a player fails a test about the rules on forums, which are numerous and poorly explained, they’ll be permanently banned from the site? I am reporting this post for trying to dwindle the revenue of this site to single digits.

I’m not even going to read the rest of this bull****, because it probably involves him saying that people don’t already know the rules, despite that the majority of banned players are far from “new”.

A much better solution, a really much better would be that upon entering the forums, they’d be given a screen that displays the rules and says “Do you accept?”. If you accept, you’re given access. If you don’t you go back to your character page. And if you said ‘no’, the next time you go to the forums, you’re given the identical screen, and if you say “yes”, you never see it again.

TL;DR: SG94 is a fascist bum kissing fabulous person. Instead we should have a screen with a yes/no bumon, no test or any of that bull****.

Phariad edited this message on 03/02/2009 7:08PM

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Celerysteve Posted:

Phariad is p cool imo.

Goatse II Posted:

I think Phariad is a pretty cool guy.

Loose Johnny Posted:

Phariad is a pretty cool guy.

Now you can be a cool guy too: Troll Ambiance Mafiosi.

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