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Avatar: Emo Girl

Level 35 Emo Kid

“Cutty Cutterson”

the Remainder Posted:

Truly showing your bias here and invalidates your arguments. Emo kids don’t need ego in their starter packs. Either do the hackers. The hackers should have gotten processing power. Also, the last thing emos need is a decrease in their defense. The people that think that are playing emos like a normal clbum.

Oh and one more thing. Camwhores don’t need better shoes. They already got better glbumes and lingerie was added as equipment.

Emo kids need more Egomania in Starter packs because the damage we do is based on what percentage health we have left. More Egomania = Minimum safe Ego level = More efficient Scaled Ego boost = More damage.

Defense is pretty much unnecessary late-game for Emo kids, as we don’t really benefit from it. I put all of my points into the Wine attack tree and offense, and I still get decent defense points naturally, and can survive pretty well, though a boost to Egomania would be beneficial.

My stats and Equips:



Offense: 129

Defense: 59

Luck: 8

Frugality: 8

Charisma: 10

Upkeep: 1


Condition: 94% – Excellent

* Max Ego +25


Condition: 97% – Excellent

* Max Ego +50

more random keystrokes.dtbs

Condition: 98% – Excellent

* Luck +7

* Offense +7

pink floyd – darkside full album (ttly syncs w/ wzrd of oz at 2:43 awesome!!!).h

Condition: 97% – Excellent

* Defense +30

* Offense +30

if u look closely u can see my woman's genitals lol.ogle

Condition: 98% – Excellent

* Max Ego +105

* Offense +5

* Frugality +5

* Charisma +5

Lobe Stretching

Condition: 98% – Excellent

* Max Tears +325

* Offense +8

* Defense +8

Deluxe Paperclip bumistant Suite v9.0 [2 CDs].exec

Condition: 99% – Excellent

* Max Ego +40

* Defense +2

* Offense +2

* Frugality +2

Fr4gGingR1teZ 2020 male reproductive organblaster™ Premier Xtreem™ Edition

Condition: 97% – Excellent

* Max Ego +20

Tonsil Regeneration

Condition: 98% – Excellent

* Max Ego +50

More Information

Nautical Star in Sparrow Tattoo

Condition: 98% – Excellent

* Max Tears +250

* Offense +6

* Defense +6

El Unicornio Más Bonito – Yvid Spanish Latino [].divy

Condition: 98% – Excellent

* Max Ego +60

* Max Sexiness +60


Note how many things I have equipped which give me the offense boost I need with the additino to equal defense increase. Replacing the Defense increase from the Starter kit doesn’t help much with late-game because even if you completely ignore your Defense stat when leveling, you’re going to get more than enough defense when maximizing damage and ego through items.

Bridget edited this message on 03/01/2009 4:50PM
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