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Avatar: 102042 Wed Jun 03 22:55:29 -0400 2009

[Board of Directors]

Level 35 Hacker


Destruction is overpowered, and you keep adding more power and more reasons to do it. Please stop.

The way things are right now, Pentathlon would be largely about who has the best Buildr score and would encourage vote fraud. I like the idea of encouraging Min. Scoops, although it might be a bad idea that I simply don’t have the experience to recognize. That said, I have some suggestions that I threw together in a few seconds:

Rebate: Every time you buy a card, you get a random scoop.

Compensating: For every X scoops you earn, you get a free scoop in your weakest category.

Title Not Found: For every X scoops you earn, you get a free scoop in your strongest category.

Interest: You gain interest on your scoops every rollover. (I don’t have exact details on how to award this interest.)

Double _____: Category _____ is worth 2 medals. This would work well in conjunction with another theme idea. (I’m not referring to any specific other idea.)

Salary: Job Points are worth scoops.

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