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Avatar: 76994 2010-01-16 02:54:34 -0500

[Kappa Kappa Kappa]

Level 35 Hacker

Posting personal information is fun. Everyone should try it at least once.

Baroness Von Squeezenstein Posted:

I am a bisexual woman and mother, who thinks it is actually your thoughts that are outdated.

I am very happy that I can call a fine upstanding member of society a fine upstanding member of society, a woman's genitals a woman's genitals, and a fabulous person a fabulous person, without some politically correct bumhole warning me that there might be someone, somewhere on this goddamn planet, who is insulted by those words.

I am offended by many things daily. That is one of the consequences of living in a ****ing democracy, where people can speak their minds. I am more offended by those very special Christians at my local train station basically telling me that my thoughts, actions and ideas are wrong, than by someone calling me a whore.

Either I am a whore and that person is right, or I am not a whore and have the option to either start whining about them being a big fat meany, or shut the **** up, pity the fool and have a little ****fight, which is wonderfully liberating.

This whole society is so full of ****ing rules about what I can say or what I can’t say, or how I should say something or how I shouldn’t. You can’t say fabulous person, yet gay people all over the world call each other fabulous person. You can’t say fine upstanding member of society, yet every ****ing rap song is a series of bleeps and bloops because they all seem to call each other just that.

I for one, would immediately sign up for a society without feigned concern about other peoples feelings, which is basically just bull**** in the first place, because we all know you don’t say ‘African Americans’ because you care so much about black people, no you are just trying not to get your bum kicked.

Just like the woman in the supermarket wishing you a nice weekend doesn’t give a rat’s bum about how your weekend will be.

By the way, weren’t you the one holding your girlfriends delicious breasts in some pictures? Isn’t that derogatory? I mean, we women aren’t just breasts you know, we are human beings and have feelings and…stuff.

/rant. Love you. Log in to see images!

my girlfriend and I did that as more of a statement. We are here, we are not what you consider to be thin and pretty and we find each other to be beautiful.

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