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Avatar: 13869 2012-10-13 16:34:26 -0400

Level 69 Troll

fabulous person

Acid Flux Posted:

Nope. The problem is as follows.

Player A wishes to transfer flezz to Player B, which is not allowed.

Player B creates an auction for a Marble, valued at  1.

Player A bids  1,000,000 for that Marble.

Auction finishes, and Player A has effectively given Player B  1,000,000 by abusing the Kyoubai system.

It’s much more difficult to do this now, with the current rules. And anyone discovering a loophole or workaround is supposed to report it as an exploit, but not to actually use the exploit themselves.

And that right there is the “joys” of creating a game. They gotta make sure there isn’t loop holes or people will exploit them. I’m glad I don’t make games for a living. Log in to see images!

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