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Avatar: Emo Kid Thinking

Level 32 Emo Kid

I lost at domination?! How could this happen to me?

Categories for separate {highbrow}/{high-sounding} and {lowbrow}/{common/vulgar} subdivisions of all of the categories.

Here are some examples:

nouns – i.e. sports (lawn bowling, golf, fox hunting, cricket VS monster-truck racing, dogfighting, wrestling)

adjectives – i.e. compliments (dashing VS hot)

adverbs – i.e. totally (entirely, wholly VS sho’nuff)


This is along the vein of insult_shakespearean vs insult_general.

Would have been GREAT for urbane dictionary, and may be useful for future forums. It doesn’t sound right when my posts for the current forum have words that no proper gentleman would even know, much less use, and posts for potentially low-brow or backwoods forums shouldn’t use fancy words.

Corion edited this message on 03/18/2008 3:15AM
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