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Whiny, yet arrogant.

I hear some of the trolls are geeky enough to sight-read it.

Acid Flux Posted:

Um, Ladies, with all due respect, while your accomplishments are significant, it’s simply a matter of having enough members willing to adhere to a raid schedule, bumigning forums and completion times to individual members, and following instructions.

Essentially, it’s just a matter of having enough people willing to follow instructions and being able to ‘synchronize watches’, so to speak. In essence, for every willing member, a Klan can generate that number of scoops, per day, per Klan member.


Now perhaps you should make teams of 14-15, just to be on the safe side, but this is a virtually foolproof method of generating Vanilla Scoops. A Klan with 100 active members (separated into 7-8 Teams) should be able to generate no less than 500 Vanilla Scoops for each Klan member during each Domination Round, even accounting for some misfires.

Interesting theory, sir… sounds like it could work.

Virtual_Eyes edited this message on 03/17/2008 1:22AM
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