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“Problem Child IV”

Shii Posted:

I’ve never used Greasemonkey before, though I have it installed. How do I enable the script?

If you are running Firefox:

Start Firefox, and enable Greasemonkey. You can find this in the Tools menu, in the Greasemonkey sub-menu.

It’s also the little monkey face icon in the lower right of firefox – you can right-click on it and make sure “Enabled” has a check mark by it, and click on “Enabled” if it doesn’t. The monkey face should be brown instead of grey.

If you don’t have the menu option or the monkey face, (re)install the latest version of Greasemonkey, the OP linked to it. Enable Greasemonkey.

Then click the link to the script in the OP, and there is a nice clickable “Install” link to the right of “SuperKosherCrazyCareers”.

You can remove outdated scripts with “Manage User Scripts” in the Greasemonkey menu.

If for some reason you are running Greasemonkey in Internet Explorer (lord help you), see here:

BTW, great script, Wrong! Makes it much easier to see the various options for each forum rather than scrolling all over the place.

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