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As many of you have noticed, the server get some SERIOUS strain around the forumreset time. The best way to reduce the strain would be to spread the reset time to all hour of day. One of the best ways to do this would be to change the individual reset time to for example according to the time of registration and see the remainder of the number divided with 24.

In PHP, the operator to do this is % and works like x % y. For example

5 % 5 = 0

5 % 4 = 3

5 % 3 = 2

5 % 2 = 1

5 % 1 = 0

If the registration date is put to the database as unix timestamp, in PHP the code would be ($timestamp % 24), if its not, then eg. ((2008+3+18) % 24)

Tell me what do you think

PS: An E-peen would be nice Log in to see images! ahjteam edited this message on 03/16/2008 11:54AM

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