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Avatar: 93351 Tue Dec 16 16:15:56 -0500 2008

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 28 Hacker


Everyone Posted:

pointing out various relevant flaws

Oh shi- ah, well, that’s why the thread title was “FW Idol Sign-Up” and not the contest itself, yet. All points taken, though, when the actual contest thread goes up, the changes will be reflected in there, thanks guys. Log in to see images!

Fortunato Posted:

Hang on. Before people start entering, I propose this amendment to the rules:

Any cover song entry is all right, as long as you host it yourself. Where you get any backing tracks is your business, as is where you host them. If you amend the rules thus, several users (myself, odalisque and a few others) have already made good suggestions for how to record it (audacity, garageband) and how to host it ( Anybody object to this amendment?

Wholeheartedly signed!

Edited rules this far:


ø You must state your intention to compete in this thread

ø Have a reliable means of recording yourself singing (i.e. microphone or audio pick-up device of some kind).

ø Any cover song entry is all right, as long as you host it yourself.

ø Have some reliable computer access, because delays just really suck for everyone involved.


ø All final decisions will be made by the fair vote of, and only of, the denizens of Flamebate unless extenuating cirgreat timesstances call for otherwise.

ø Contestants must sing a unique song for every round. No one-trick ponies, please.

ø GGM clan members are welcome to compete.

ø You are welcome to run ads for a candidate you like, but that’s it.

ø Otherwise, any suspicion or sign of voting shenanigans will be turned over to a moderator for scrutiny, and will most likely end in a new vote being set up.

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