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Avatar: 92134 2009-12-11 08:19:25 -0500

[Rowdyruff Boys]

Level 69 Hacker

“Trojan Horse Magnum”

meeeeeeeeee Posted:

I didn’t read all the entries because my brain melted, but all I saw was a bunch of male reproductive organ jokes. No visible attempts to capture Douglas Adams style or wit. Perhaps there’s some irony there though.

Well I’ve tried to capture the essence of Douglas Adams in this forum. To be honest I think a few others have tried as well. I can bumure you that the actual people getting up votes are the people who are writing long paragraphs writing about the internet in general. Then again this was my idea and all things considered I could be a biased ****.

Doc_Holliday Posted:

All I know is that if the forum doesn’t have a Difficulty Rating of 42 I’m going to be disappointed. Hardness be damned.

Hot damn, I would be disappointed too.

Sick_Hacker edited this message on 01/22/2009 8:26AM
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