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Avatar: 93351 Tue Dec 16 16:15:56 -0500 2008

[Grey Goose Mafiosi]

Level 28 Hacker


Brought to you by the illustrious, and occasionally slightly inebriated:

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Alright, so credit goes to this post in Ayn Rands for part of the inspiration, in b4 “this was done before”, etc.

GGM, spearheading the search for vocal talent and online charisma (no, not the in-game stat) within the Forumwarz community, asks of all Flamebate denizens and basement-dwellers alike:

Will you take up the opportunity and go for the chance to be THE FORUMWARZ IDOL?

And unlike those many “FRIEND ME” or “1354th POST WINS” threads you see scattered about, the winnings are nothing to sneeze at, either. That’s right, 10 BP AND the prestige of being the Forumwarz Idol. You have nothing to lose but your vocal anonymity!

“Wait, wait, what am I signing up for?” you ask. You need not worry about slinking off empty-handed, that’s for sure. Here’s how the elimination process will work:

Log in to see images! Every contestant will record themselves singing one song of their choice. Whether they opt for the karaoke with or without vocals (easy or hard) is up to them, but the recording must be posted in this thread one week after the actual contest starts.

Log in to see images! All entries received before and on the day of the deadline will be showcased in a separate thread with a poll attached, and the citizenry of Flamebate given 3 days to vote.

Log in to see images! (rounded up to the nearest integer) will be eliminated. A lucky voter chosen at random will get 1 BP.

Log in to see images! Thirteen songs from the karaoke playlist (chosen by a random number generator) will be presented to the contestants and each one must pick two from the list to sing and record.

Log in to see images! All entries received before and on the day of another pre-determined deadline will be showcased in two voting threads (each one with one song from each person remaining) and subject to public vote again.

Log in to see images! Of the remaining contestants, only the top 5 voted (according to the two polls combined) will not be eliminated. Another randomly drawn voter from each thread receive 1 BP each.

Log in to see images! This time, the contestants will be given a week and a half to prepare 3 songs selected thusly:

ø One decided for each person by popular vote.

ø Another decided by selection among the other contestants.

ø And the final one is their choice, but must be done sans vocals.

Log in to see images! All entries received before and on the day of the deadline will be placed in three threads with a poll attached to each, and grouped according to how the song was bumigned (by vote, choice, etc.) and put to public vote one final time to decide who will be the one who can claim the title and 10 BP.

Log in to see images! The top voted (great timesulatively when all 3 poll votes are tallied) will be declared the Forumwarz Idol, and the 4 finalists receive 2 BP each. Of course, one random voter from each thread will also receive 1 BP. A final person, drawn randonly from those eliminated in the first 2 rounds of judging will win 1 BP.


ø You must state your intention to compete in this thread and a link to your karaoke profile (see below)

ø Have a reliable means of recording yourself singing (i.e. microphone or audio pick-up device of some kind).

ø Create an account on, as songs will be picked from there, and scores recorded on there possible used as tiebreakers.

ø Have some reliable computer access, because delays just really suck for everyone involved.


ø All final decisions will be made by the fair vote of, and only of, the denizens of Flamebate unless extenuating cirgreat timesstances call for otherwise.

ø Contestants must sing a unique song for every round. No one-trick ponies, please.

ø GGM clan members are welcome to compete, but for the integrity of the contest, will be barred from voting and subject to penalty decided by fellow klansmen if they attempt otherwise.

ø This also implies that contestants themselves are similarly barred from voting.

ø You are welcome to run ads for a candidate you like, but that’s it.

ø Otherwise, any suspicion or sign of voting shenanigans will be turned over to a moderator for scrutiny, and will most likely end in a new vote being set up.

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