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Acid Flux

Avatar: 6767 Tue Mar 17 11:41:54 -0400 2009

[Country Kitchen an-
d Flea Market

Level 35 Troll


Evil Trout Posted:

Hey there.

We discussed this at our meeting and we decided unfortunately that the raffle is not allowed.

I agree that it’s not a direct transfer of BP for Flezz, but I also think that for auctions that are “Raffle Eligable”, you will earn more money as a result.

Even with the Buy it Now stipulation, you will still sell more auctions that otherwise would have failed.

So indirectly, you are still buying Flezz for BP, and we can’t allow it. Also, allowing this kind of contest would open the floodgates for other raffle-style things, and I just want to keep it simple around here.

Fair enough. Thanks for reviewing it.

Now, what about a promotion that had ‘No Purchase Necessary’, but was designed to increase traffic to my ‘StoreFront’ thread, such as my ‘Sign The Guestbook’ promotion?

Acid Flux Posted:

Sign the Guest Book

Pending Crotch Zombie’s deliberation on Kyoubai policies, I’m designing a method to increase traffic to my Storefont Thread, which will hopefully increase traffic to my Auctions. However, no purchase at all is necessary for this promotion. Please note that this (and any other promotion) will only be officially offered so long as they are deemed not to break any rules set by Crotch Zombie.

This ‘Guest Book’ is simply a link to another thread in the Contest Forum. In that thread, you would be required to complete two tasks. First, you must send me a friend request (I’m going for the Miss Popularity E-Peen, and this is a creative way to do it). Second, you must ‘Sign the Guest Book’, but you must do so in a specific way, which would be explained here in this thread.

In other words, to know the right way to ‘sign’ in that thread, you have to first read this thread… or at least the first post.

And the proper way to sign will be different for each person, so you can’t just copy what everyone else is doing in the Contest thread. You have to actually determine it here first, and then you can Sign the Guest Book and thereby enter the Contest.

A prize of Brownie Points would then be given to a random person that signed the Guest Book properly, once I achieve the E-Peen. After that, I would continue to run the Contest as a promotional Event at different times.

Absolutely NO PURCHASE is required for this contest. You are simply ‘browsing’ in the store and then Signing the Guest Book.

This is simply a ‘Miss Popularity’ thread (which has been done before), but with a small twist. And again, no purchase of anything is necessary. All that’s necessary is to simply view my Storefront thread and find the hidden ‘keyword’ that allows you to properly sign up in the actual Contest thread.

Acid Flux edited this message on 01/21/2009 12:51PM
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