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Evil Trout

Avatar: 35 2013-08-13 11:47:18 -0400

[Crotch Zombie]

Level 21 Hacker

I have ample evidence that ET is a weedy little twerp.

Acid Flux Posted:

Since this is also simply about increasing visibility, and requires absolutely no purchase, I’m hoping that it’s approved.

I personally think the Raffle, as written with the addition of an upper limit on the number of Tickets anyone can purchase and the strict requirement to have any eligible purchases be ‘Buy It Now’ auctions that are at Kyoubai’s Base Cost or Less, and the random selection made by a Moderator, not me, is virtually airtight. It can’t be used for any sort of BP/Flezz transfer, which is what we’re trying to avoids, obviously.

But we’ll see.

Hey there.

We discussed this at our meeting and we decided unfortunately that the raffle is not allowed.

I agree that it’s not a direct transfer of BP for Flezz, but I also think that for auctions that are “Raffle Eligable”, you will earn more money as a result.

Even with the Buy it Now stipulation, you will still sell more auctions that otherwise would have failed.

So indirectly, you are still buying Flezz for BP, and we can’t allow it. Also, allowing this kind of contest would open the floodgates for other raffle-style things, and I just want to keep it simple around here.

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