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Acid Flux

Avatar: 6767 Tue Mar 17 11:41:54 -0400 2009

[Country Kitchen an-
d Flea Market

Level 35 Troll


Nope, again you miss the mark. The question is, does ET mean ‘auction winnings in an individual auction’, or ‘total number of auctions won’ with that statement? Additionally, that statement was a summarization by McBanhammer, not an official ruling. I’m asking for an official ruling on the rules of Kyoubai & Contests, and McBanhammer is simply a Mod, not an Admin, and therefore doesn’t make the rules, he enforces them. Which is why I politely asked for ET & CZ, at their convenience, to make an official ruling.

You are not ET or CZ, so instead of interpreting the paraphrased post by McBanhammer and making your ‘official’ decree, why not, once again, simply wait for the official word.

And guess what! The use of BP to increase traffic to my Auctions has already been approved.

Now it’s just a matter of what methods may be used.

Acid Flux edited this message on 01/20/2009 8:56PM
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