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Acid Flux

Avatar: 6767 Tue Mar 17 11:41:54 -0400 2009

[Country Kitchen an-
d Flea Market

Level 35 Troll


sgreat timesmyfrog Posted:

It is obvious that what you did was designed to increase your auction winnings. I don’t see the implication that a single item has to sell for an astronomical amount for this to be true, and I don’t see how you can say that and keep a straight face. Giving away a chance to win a BP is the same as giving away a BP, just to a lesser degree.

sgreat timesmyfrog Posted:

You have made the most ridiculous arguments against a very clearly worded rule. Where do you get this sense of entitlement?

You have obviously not read the relevant posts.

I never said that my sale of a single item for a astronomical amount of flezz wasn’t intended to increase a single auctions winnings. That is a completely separate issue.

Using BP to increase a single auctions winning is different from offer BP as an incentive to peruse my Auctions first before making a buying decision.

If there is no guarantee that someone purchasing a Tumorous Kidney for 4.5 Million is going to win any BP, then why would they throw away that much money on such a slim chance? Therefore, there’s no incentive for me to list a TK for 4.5 Million, because no one would buy it. They’ll save themselves millions of Flezz by purchasing the less expensive ones that are listed.

Therefore, I would only be listing items at a more reasonable market value, at a price that is acceptable even if there is no added incentive. And judging from the number of items my Shop is already selling, with no added incentive, I’d say those prices I’m offering are quite reasonable.

So. If I have significant traffic even without a ‘BP Bribe’, and those prices in question are pretty much set in stone, then throwing in a BP as part of a raffle is simply adding something FREE and extra.

If I was price-gouging and using BP to intice people to make bad purchases, that’s one thing. But everything in my store is listed at or below Kyoubai’s suggested ‘Base Cost’, and they all have Buy It Nows, so that they can’t get catapulted to a crazy amount by someone trying to ‘hedge’ their bet.

Heck, I could even create a maximum number of ‘Tickets’ per week, so that no one person could get an unfair advantage.

The difference between the Raffle I designed (with very strict rules & regulations, including the offer to allow a MOD to make the random selection and thereby 100% prevent any possible collusion between me and any particular buyer) is VASTLY different from the ‘BP/Flezz’ 2.5 Million Flip-Flop Auction.

Oh, and since you’re not a member of Crotch Zombie, then I advise you to wait patiently (as I have) for their official response. In addition, my Storefront thread has other examples of how I intend to use BP to promote my store, but in very legal and fair ways.

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