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sgreat timesmyfrog

Avatar: Red Green Flashing

Level 35 Troll

“Problem Child IV”

New rule per ET: Contests designed to increase your auction winnings are not permitted.

It’s not designed to increase my auction winnings (as in a single item sells for an astronomical amount). That’s abusive.

It’s designed to increase my overall auction traffic. (FYI, None of the items listed are priced above the ‘Base Cost’, as set by Kyoubai)

It is obvious that what you did was designed to increase your auction winnings. I don’t see the implication that a single item has to sell for an astronomical amount for this to be true, and I don’t see how you can say that and keep a straight face. Giving away a chance to win a BP is the same as giving away a BP, just to a lesser degree.

As I said, I’d like a direct explanation why my Raffle proposal is any different from the recent Raffle from the Ppwn Shoppe?

You have made the most ridiculous arguments against a very clearly worded rule. Where do you get this sense of entitlement?

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