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Acid Flux

Avatar: 6767 Tue Mar 17 11:41:54 -0400 2009

[Country Kitchen an-
d Flea Market

Level 35 Troll


Acid Flux Posted:


Pending Crotch Zombie’s deliberation on Kyoubai policies, I’m offering positions within my Storefront. Please note that these positions will only be officially offered so long as they are deemed not to break any rules set by Crotch Zombie.




Janitorial Staff

This employee is responsible for keeping this thread off of Page Two (and preferably off of the bottom half of Page One) of this forum by ‘Bumping’ the thread if it falls to that location, with the Post ”Front Porch Swept”. I would expect this employee to check the Kyoubai Forum at least twice a day to check the location of this thread and take action as needed.

The position pays 1 BP per month, with an additional 1 BP Bonus if I never observe the thread to be off of Page One during that month.




This employee is responsible for checking the links in my OP at least twice a day, and if any of the auctions are found to be closed, he/she must send me a Tubmail reminder with the URL of the Auction that is Closed along with a ‘Re-Order List’, so that I can restock ASAP. To verify that the stock is being regularly, the Stockboy should post ”Stock Checked: All Good” or ”Stock Checked: We Need Supplies”

The position pays 1 BP per month, with an additional 2 BP Bonus if I never observe that one of my Auctions is closed before the Stockboy has posted & Tubmailed me.



Sidewalk Advertiser

This employee would be given an Advertisement to copy & paste into their Flamebate Signature. He/she would be expected to make at least 20 (Twenty) posts in the Roleplaying Geniuses Forums each day (all in different threads and in at least five different subforums) to maintain a high level of exposure. These posts do not have to be about this Storefront to qualify. Simply engaging in normal discussions is sufficient. You are simply ‘wearing an ad’, not required to actively promote the Storefront.

The position pays 1 BP per month. There is, unfortunately, no bonus, since this is a very pbumive job.




Absolutely no Auction purchases are required to be an employee.

Acid Flux edited this message on 01/19/2009 6:51PM
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