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Acid Flux

Avatar: 6767 Tue Mar 17 11:41:54 -0400 2009

[Country Kitchen an-
d Flea Market

Level 35 Troll


Fingerz Posted:

If it’s not against the rules it ought to be. BP are only supposed to be BUYABLE with real money.

The BP are still being bought with real money.

Here’s my question. I want to host a raffle, of sorts, in which anyone that makes a purchase on any of my auctions gets an Entry Ticket. If you buy an Item for less that  1000, then you get 1 Raffle Ticket. If you buy an Item for more than  1000, then you get 1 Ticket per  1000 (Rounded Down). If you buy an item worth  8300 (i.e., Mountain Dewm Extreme), you get 8 tickets. If you buy an item worth  504000 (Such as the Versnatche Glbumes), then you get 504 Tickets. After a predetermined period, I’ll randomly select a Ticket, and that player wins a certain amount of BP (also predetermined).

To keep it fair, I would limit it to those items that I list with a Buy It Now price (so that no player can try to artifically enhance their chances by bidding 30 million Flezz for a Smileprin XR that I listed for  550. And to keep the total number of purchases reasonable (and to give a greater number of players a chance to get a ‘Cheap’ Ticket), you’d only get a Raffle Ticket for a < 1000 purchase ONCE. (I.E., you can’t buy up all 100 of the Smileprins I have listed for 100 Tickets). I would also require that anyone that wanted to enter the contest post in my thread, with links to the Auctions that they won, so that anyone can verify they are receiving the correct number of Tickets. I would only count the transactions that were verified in this manner, both to make the administration easier on me, and to promote transparency in the Raffle.

None of these sale prices will be artifically inflated (in fact, some of them are exceptionally well-priced). I simply want to offer a ‘Value Incentive’ for people that decide to shop with me.

With these limitations in place, I do not think it’s exploitatable by anyone, nor is it a straight ‘BP for Flezz’ transaction. It is simply a random drawing Raffle. I would even be willing to allow a Mod (such as McBanhammer) to make the ‘random roll’, to make sure that noone thought I was trying to do anything ‘back door’.

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