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Avatar: 96387 Mon Feb 02 18:04:35 -0500 2009

[De Laiceps]

Level 23 Troll

“Dick in a Box”

PLEASE I NEED BP SO BAD! I dont have any money so i cant buy my own! Im begging you, PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!!

I would just love to hold my bp high and say “hey world, I gots me some BP!!!”

I’m not going to beg, im not going to plea, but im going to ask,can you spare some BP?

For Christ’s sake, I’m depressed, I have no BP, and I can’t pbum the test.

I’m broken and Lonely, I’ve run out of hope, so before I lose my grip, please throw me a rope.

I wish I could say this was wrote in high spirits, but that is a lie and i wont let you hear it.

My friends are all happy, so joyful and free, and they all mock me, Cuz I lack BP.

So before I get off,and cry me to sleep, I’ll ask you once more: Please spare some BP.

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