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well it seems to work ok but one thing i really dont like is it always puts you back to page one when you bid/look at something,

even pressing back takes you to page one, which makes

yes, that’s annoying. also the fact that pressing back or whatever causes you to be viewing ALL items, rather than the 1 category you want to be viewing, thereby making you re-toggle visibilities.


the others p hard to always try to get to, and it doesnt seem to be random order, its all whoever made them them first..?

that should be changed imo.

i’m fine with that remaining the way it is. auctions being in order based on how much time is remaining is done on just about every auction site. however, it might be nice to have a cap on how many auctions you can have running at once. let’s say 20, not so low as to be annoying when doing inventory cleaning, not high enough to annoy the **** out of everyone else. for example, in one of the categories, i saw 6 pages or so of the same item being sold by the same player. in my book, that’s just spamming the **** out of the auction system.

another issue is when creating an auction, there’s a cap on what the max buyout price can be. but it’s not displayed until you try going over that number and get a pop-up saying “this value must be lower than x”. please change it so the max buyout price displays like the minimum/maximum starting bid price.

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