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Johnny Mac

Avatar: 37704 2015-08-12 18:57:31 -0400

[Full of SbumSS]

Level 35 Troll

I grant you an bumhole x

Doing this small FAQ since there are a lot of questions about bidding thrown around. I know from a bit of experience on eBay, etc. Also common sense Log in to see images! Lol nevermind. LET THE ASKING COMMENCE!
Q: How do I get to Kyoubai? I haven’t been notified of it yet.
A: You may need to play the game a bit more before you get it. If you haven’t beaten Fitness fabulous personry, you won’t get the TubMail. Kyoubai will appear under the Services tab under Bookmarks once you open it.
Q: What is a reserve?
A: The reserve you set makes it so that your item will not sell unless it reaches that amount.
Q: What is a buy out price?
A: The buy out price makes it so that, after one hour, if it is up to that price, it will sell the item immediately.
Also I’m going to throw this term out there so everyone can use it and know what they’re talking about:
Proxy bidding

Proxy bidding, as the name explains, is the process in which your bids are placed automatically, up to the amount of your maximum bid you set. Kyoubai automatically does this for you. This allows you to set a nice price early and sit back, and will automatically bid higher than other people who bid as long as nobody else bids over your maximum proxy bid. You will proxy bid up to the amount of your current max bid.
Q: How do I use a proxy bid?
A: Placing any bid will allow you to proxy bid as long as it is the highest bid on the item. You don’t have to click anything special
Q: How do I search for a specific file?
A: The “Name” Box in the Filter options area will allow you to type in anything, and it will update the list to only include items with that included. This is a tad glitchy currently, the less you put in the better. If it turns to display nothing, backspace all the way and slowly type it in again until you see what you like.
Q: Bidsquid sent me money! Why?
A: You were outbid on an item. When you place a bid, your money is placed in Bidsquid. This is to prevent people from bidding more than they have in multiple auctions. When you get outbid, your money is refunded.
Q: Why can’t I bid on this item?
A: Either bidding is closed, you are the one who created the auction, or you have purchased illegal gaming enhancements.
Q: I have an item I want to put up for auction but it doesn’t show up. Why not?
A: Items must be 100% repaired, and unequipped, to be put up for auction.
Q: If my item got sold, do I get my deposit fee back?
A: Yes, you do.
Q: An auction just ended, and I was the highest bidder. Why haven’t I received my item?
A: Either your highest bid was under the reserve price and your flezz was refunded, or you haven’t waited long enough. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for the flezz and item to go through and be delivered.

A few possibilities.
First, if the Seller set a minimum reserve price for the item, and if your highest bid did not equal or exceed that minimum reserve, then the Auction has ended and your bid will be returned momentarily.
Second, if you were the High Bidder and you met or exceeded the reserve price, then you have won the Auction! Just give Bidsquid a few minutes to finalize the transaction and he will delivery your item via Tubmail ASAP.
Q: Is there a way to track my bids?
A: Yes, here’s a link straight to it My Bids. The link is also in the Kyoubai main section.
Q: Can I see what else a particular seller is selling?
A: No, not currently.
Q: Is there a way to see the reserve price?
A: No, you currently can’t see the reserve price on your items or anyone else’s after you post the auction up.
If you have any more question about the basics of bidding on stuff, go ahead and I’ll answer them and add them to the OP. As well if you have anything to add.
Johnny Mac edited this message on 01/24/2009 8:56AM
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