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Patch The Da-

Avatar: 57089 Sat Jan 10 17:36:45 -0500 2009

Level 23 Emo Kid

In a sad way Raepdog misses you... Oh gay friend.. oh I love the gays..

Tig O-Bitties Posted:

That is not only untrue but horribly insensitive.

I’ve volunteered as a suicide prevention counselor for almost 10 years. While it’s true that people with very high intent and means don’t usually reach out by, say, calling suicide hotlines before attempting/completing suicide, I’ve talked to many people with intent ranging from low (still very ambivalent) to high (almost certain to attempt/complete). Your argument fails further because the OP didn’t post here BEFORE attempting (i.e., a cry for help) but rather afterwards.

Also, a successful completion has NOTHING to with intent but rather with the method used. In other words, someone could have very high intent to die but use a method like wrist-cutting or pills that is sometimes non-fatal. This is why more men complete suicide but more women attempt it: men tend to use more fatal means like guns, while women tend to use pills, cutting, etc.

ANYway. Patch the Darknut, there are plenty of good resources out there for suicidal thoughts, depression, and other mental health issues. If you haven’t yet found a medication that works, or a counselor who is helping, you have to keep looking. Try calling 1-800-SUICIDE to be connected to your closest crisis center. Crisis centers aren’t only for suicide prevention; they also have information on local mental health resources and can be incredibly helpful.

I got my Fluoxetine prescription today. It’s… a little slow, but it’s okay. The suicidal thoughts have left, but I’m still bummed out. I lost the will to try suicide again after I saw how badly it would’ve hit everyone. I’d rather be homeless than ruin everyone else’s lives.

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