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Avatar: Middle Finger

Level 41 Troll

“Hot Sauce in the Dick Hole”

I allways wondered about afew things, and I’m not just trolling here:

1. Does a failed suicide attempt-

a) Give you a new better out look on life.

b) Make you feel worse because you can’t even do that right.

c) Change you in no way

d) None of the above

2. Why do people try to overdose? I mean its like the most likely to fail, all it takes is someone to find you and chances are you will be saved, always kinda seemed like a cry for help more than an attempt. I know someone who took a bunch of sleeping pills woke up having not died then took a bunch more, she got found the second time and taken to ER, after that she got help and is fine now but looking back she said she said that it was when she decided to kill herself a weight was lifted off her shoulders and it hasn’t came back since, I just wonder if suicide is more about just letting go than wanting to die.

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