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Avatar: 49898 Sun Dec 28 00:52:49 -0500 2008

Level 35 Troll

I LOVE LAGUNA. I ALSO LOVE SUCKING FAT male reproductive organS.

Laguna Posted:

Well firstly, I applaud the courage you had to actually go through with it. o_o

Many a time have I had thoughts like that creep into my mind, but I never had the guts to go through with it, as bad as I wanted to throughout those days.

What you have to remember though (and I’m sure this is probably what they’ll tell you as well) is that nothing lasts forever. Nothing. It’s like when you’re in school and you’re sat there just waiting for the most boring lesson on the planet to end, but the clock just won’t tick fast enough. It’s horrible, it feels endless, but it isn’t.

You have to have the strength to truly know inside yourself that things will get better. You have to know that they could very well get worse before they get better, but eventually, it ends, and you’re so much of a stronger person because of it, it’s incredible..

It’s even worse for the youth. Raging hormones makes that feeling of the whole world crashing down even worse. ****, we all get it at some point in our lives. Some more than others. I’m starting to lose count of all the **** that’s been thrown at me, I went through the worse last year actually. Found out everything on ****ing Christmas Eve as well, so clich├ęd but I guess these things have to originate from somewhere eh?

But you get through it…don’t question it, because that makes things so much worse. You just do, and you have to remember that, otherwise you’ll never get out of that horrible pit of despair where it just feels like you can’t go one more second, let alone another day.

I guess what I’m trying to say in this mbumive ramble is hold the **** on, and hold on tight. Life is hard, but that doesn’t make it bad. When you get through these horrible times, the good times that lie ahead are what make life worth living. In the end, everything works out in its own ironic kind of way.

I could talk about this for hours, but I’ll leave it at that. Good luck.

Oh, and no matter what they say, don’t let any little son of a **** put you down. Bad things happen to good people, but good people come out of it an even better person than they were before because of it.

Laguna edited this message on 01/09/2009 11:49AM
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