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Avatar: Hacker Woman w/ Goggles

Level 63 Hacker

“Phreak of Nature”

If alts are banworthy, that is a very, very important piece of information that people new to the site need to be informed of immediately – as in, before they ever create their first character. I played most of the way through the game before I seriously started reading through forums, and I already had two characters by that time. In fact, I didn’t even know alts were illegal until just now, and I bought access to episode 2 bright n’ early this morning for this account. I am concerned that both my accounts will be banned. *facepalm* Not only that, the friend who introduced me to this site several days ago is also a new player and has several accounts, one for each clbum, and I am absolutely certain she’s unaware of the illegal-alt rule. I just pbumed the information on to her, but I would hate to see her banned for breaking a rule neither she nor I knew about.

Of my two accounts, I want to preserve this one. I am going to log into my other one last time and change the email address to a throwaway one, and then will never log into it again.

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