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Avatar: 77252 Mon Dec 22 11:59:25 -0500 2008


Level 16 Hacker


MC Banhammer Posted:

Instead of open source, perhaps some sort of mod submission process?

The idea would be ET could write something which allows people to make, say, their own clbumes, and submit them for approval. If approved, the clbum would then be added as a BP-purchasable item for 3 BP. 2BP go to CZ, 1BP goes to the creator of the clbum.

And it would be made very clear that the clbumes are not part of the offical Forumwarz mythology, so don’t expect them to be used in Ep 3, have their items show up in the Ppwne Shoppe, etc.

Similarly for other things the OP might want to see open sourced. Missions maybe?

I think it would be good to do anything that might give someone else besides ET the power to modify and implement new ideas into the and I think if it was done the way you just suggested MC Banhammer, than it would not only benefit the game, it would benefit the players, and it would also benefit ET.

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