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MC Banhammer

Avatar: 1887 2011-07-31 00:40:59 -0400

[Good Omens]

Level 69 Troll

Trying to create drama to drum up the ratings by any means necessary!

Richard_Nixon Posted:

1- Do Luck and Charisma add up when randomizing deliveries? Example: will a character with Charisma 10 and Luck 10 receive a better delivery than a character with Charisma 10 and Luck 2?

2- Luck and Charisma have the same effect on deliveries. But afaik Luck improves chanches to get better .moar files as well. So: is Luck better than Charisma?

3- Forumbuildr v2.0 BETA: with my brownie points I purchased 2 more characters; if I win a forumbuildr contest, which one of my 3 characters will get the flezz reward?

Understand first that the details of the specifics of how deliveries are calculated are unknown at this point. With that in mind, we have found that:

1) Junk is seemingly divided into brackets. That is, a certain range of cred will give you a delivery from a certain bracket, another range from another bracket, etc. Charisma seems to affect the number of brackets you’ll receive rewards from, while Luck seems to affect which particular reward you receive from a given bracket, with a higher luck yielding a better reward. At least, this is the theory.

2) Luck is better for pwning forums, as Charisma has no bearing on receiving .moar files. It’s personal taste what you want to use at rollover, but I personally believe 1-for-1, Charisma is better.

Please note that this thread is not the place to discuss Luck vs. Charisma in further detail. There are other threads where this is discussed so please search for those for follow-up questions.

3) Your rewards for Forumbuildr are given to the character you’re logged in as while making the submission.

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