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Listen2Reason Posted:

I think people should err on the side of including more word types. If an entry has no word types, it’s only funny once; if it has lots of word types, it’s potentially funny in many different ways. Tonight I did vote up an entry that had only one word type, but only because I thought it was hilarious, and I still feel kinda guilty about it.

I disagree. If something’s funny, it’s funny. Everything gets old after a while, and cluttering an entry up with too many word types makes it really funny once in a while, and an irrational mess nine times out of ten. Word types should be used in moderation. Comedy is often in the details; choosing the best word for your specific joke.

Then again, I never really found MadLibs funny anyway…

If there’s a problem with repetition, why don’t they just have a larger pool of random jokes to pull from?

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