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Avatar: 77252 Mon Dec 22 11:59:25 -0500 2008


Level 16 Hacker


FalconFour Posted:

Time for a break from the headache-inducing “I’m a fabulous person ask me a question” threads… I mean damn, it’s cool for me to have started a short lived trend and all, but jesus-****… this is just ****ing stupid.

Mostly just a catalog of my own accomplishments and awesomeness, but please contribute your own if you’re so awesum.

In the past month, I’ve fixed:

– An HP Deskjet 3820 printer that I rescued from the dumpster (someone used it as an e-waste dump). Had the 3820’s “Incredible Snapping Service Station Drive Gear” problem. Melted two short bits of paper clip into the gear to replace the “lever” that’s supposed to drive the gear, and now the printer works like new. I just need ink Log in to see images!

– A PC Chips M810L V3.0 board (and its included Duron 1ghz CPU), also from dumpster-diving. Integrated VGA/LAN/audio, single-chip (no southbridge!) SiS chipset. Had six blown and severely undermanufactured capacitors on the voltage regulator. Seriously, my replacement capacitors were of the same rating but about twice as big. What the **** cheap **** omfg, etc. Runs like new now, and is playing my music. Log in to see images!

– A 4.1 speaker system I’ve had for years. Started “oscillating” for no apparent reason. The subwoofer would just constantly… oscillate. Woopawoopawoopawoopa, kinda thing. Practically busting the sub cone with how far it was pounding it. Couldn’t figure the problem out for the life of me, so I just replaced all of the capacitors on the board with new ones from (jesus god I didn’t realize they would bag the values individually, feel kinda bad). That seems to have fixed it. Woohoo.

Practically every day I do some **** like this, I’ll extend the list as I remember (if I remember the thread as well…Log in to see images!


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