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Avatar: 79911 Sat Nov 15 22:45:44 -0500 2008

Level 25 Emo Kid

Posting from inside JB's bumhole

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I was thinking like “mocha” or “coffee” scoops, (I thought of mint, but it wouldn’t work because pistachio is green.)

Other names could include: Strawberry, Neapolitan(sp?), Caramel swirl, Never-Melt, Cotton Candy or Cookie Dough, these are all I can really think of atm.

What new achievement(s) could come with a new flava?

Well, each existing scoop having a category(Choc:Creativity VanilLog in to see images!omination Pist:Streaks Lemon:Speed Anti: Self-harm), new categories could include: Participation, Skill, Postage, Generosity, or Boredom/repetition…

How could these be implemented you ask? I dunno. New multiplayer games maybe?

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