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Avatar: 88117 Sat Feb 07 19:37:29 -0500 2009

[Board of Directors]

Level 43 Camwhore

Serious future peenwhore. XO!

I have made a script that will play blackjack for you. It does not work perfectly quite yet, but i’m letting you guys at it. Settings are changed by editing it. It may or may not be a bannable offense to use it for getting antifreeze, so use at yout own risk. And dont blame me if it eats all your flezz.

NOTE: this script is for educational purposes only! (at least till i make the effort of getting proper approval)

You need firefox w/ greasemonkey to use it. Ask google if you don’t know what those are.

Once you have it installed, the script should automaticaly start playing whenever you talk to gamblebot. It will only play once per page load, so if it breaks, you need to refresh the page before you can use it again.

The default settings are to bet 1 flezz and play until it has won 10 times, and to stop playing if your flezz drops below 10,000. All of these can be easily changed by editing the code, and are sectioned off so it shouldnt be lt.too difficult.

At this time this script is in very early stages of development, so don’t blame me if it doesnt work right. Currently the only bug i know of is that is hangs randomly, but there may be more. You have been warned.

UPDATE: most of the hang bugs have been fixed, and it plays better too! download now! -12/8/08

Neona edited this message on 12/08/2008 7:36PM
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