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Avatar: 80241 Thu Jul 02 20:10:59 -0400 2009

Level 35 Camwhore

I love 12 inch fine upstanding member of society male reproductive organs in my arse

generichaxor Posted:

prayers are just words that u say

in reality, u r the only one listening

u just let urself be disillusioned into thinking that someone else cares

the other person that cares is called god

but of course, no one is listening, so therefore

there is no one else to care

by transitivity, god is no one

“no one” is not an existent object / person / idea etc

thus, god is not an existent object / person / idea etc

thus, god doesnt exist

besides, god is nothing more than a social construct set up by the government for the purposes of explaining phenomena that science is currently unable to explain

why would the government EVER care about the people’s wishes?

*** forbid that the government ever does its job correctly

since the government does not care about the individuals it controls,

god cannot be real

(none of my non-atheist friends have security cameras in their rooms,

so i don’t rly see how anyone could hear their prayers)

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