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Avatar: 69421 Wed Aug 12 05:13:59 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll

Minty Fresh

Ah, I see. So the rules keep getting more and more refined every time we whine about something, then we get backhanded for whining about it before these rules were refined.


1: “Klan forums are unmoderated except for illegal content, if a klan admin wants to post goatse, all you can do is leave”

2: “Well that’s pretty bull****, so if a klan admin doesn’t want goatse, the only thing we can do is contact a mod anyway…”

1: “Can’t you ****ing read, if a klan admin doesn’t want goatse, they can contact us”

3: “Our klan admin is never available, so how does that help us?”

1: “Well if your klan admin wasn’t a disorganized ****, they would have somehow known that they actually needed to tell us who’s an officer in their klan (since for some reason we can’t see this ourselves). Duh.”

2, 3: “*facepalm*”

Okay, so maybe you can like, collaborate with the other mods, and *gasp* maybe even Evil Trout (doubt it), and come up with an actual contingency plan for:

– what happens when some bumhat acts up on a klan forum (other than booting them, que obvioso)

– who to contact

– what bumon to push

– what information needs to be sent and/or updated

... to make the experience as cushy as possible for our (honestly) respected moderators.

(no really, I do still respect the mods here, I just think your anger/frustration is misplaced at us)

And I’ll just shuffle on back over to our klan’s sweet little offsite forum where we don’t have to worry about all this. ^_^

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