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Avatar: 69421 Wed Aug 12 05:13:59 -0400 2009

Level 35 Troll

Minty Fresh

MC Banhammer Posted:

And yes, klan admins have always been allowed to allow things like shock images in their klan forums. If you don’t like it, leave the klan. Those forums aren’t under the same restrictions because 1) of the nature of the site, and 2) because no one will “stumble” across them.

Unfortunately there is one major key flaw in your reasoning, and it all always seems to come back to the one main point of my argument: Klan admins don’t even have the power to allow or disallow something in their klan forums. If someone posts something in their Klan forums, the only thing an admin can do is boot the person (and that’s what happens in our Klan). But the posts are there and the only way we can be rid of them is to report them to a mod, and where does that get us? Mods screaming “quit reporting posts, baww, it’s not our job!”. Well, sad to say, but at the moment, it is by default. Log in to see images!

Also, on a vaguely tied-in point, it’s also ridiculous that there’s a 255 character limit on the post reporting page. With that limit there should at least be a JavaScript limiter, or a character counter like Twitter, that tells you where you stand in your character count, otherwise it gets even more frustrating as you try to send a report and it keeps telling you that your relatively brief and concise message couldn’t be sent because it was longer than fwz likes it to be. But that takes a back burner to just giving Klan admins their own moderating tools.

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